Social Intelligence platform for TikTok

Use Exolyt for everything related to all organic TikTok content: social listening, audience demographics, latest trends, account monitoring, influencer campaigns, and more.

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Exolyt helps you to understand TikTok

With AI-based insights, Exolyt is your gateway to mastering TikTok's fast-paced content cycles, ensuring every decision is data-driven and strategically sound.

All-in-one TikTok tool for marketers

Cultivate Data Driven Success Strategies

Dive into a treasure of social intelligence to boost data-driven strategies

  • Capitalize on Emerging Trends

  • Capture Audience Analytics

  • Validate your Market Position

Our unique recipe

Real-time data

Get constantly updated performance stats and tap into real-time industry trends to advance business efforts strategically

AI-backed insights

Harness the latest technology for intelligent audience insights on relevant topics for all teams to address and improve

Unmatched scale

Leverage the largest TikTok database to get a holistic understanding of the dynamic ecosystem at the speed of social

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Our main features

360 Account Overview

Get an understanding of holistic social performance

Hashtag Analysis

Deep-dive into the impact of hashtags and related trends

Social Listening

Discover insights beyond performance metrics proactively

Sentiment Analysis

Explore audience insights for their true reactions and feelings

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Understand TikTok like never before with Exolyt

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