Airtable synchronisation

Synchronise TikTok data of your tracked accounts on your Airtable tables automatically.

Airtable synchronisation

Synchronise TikTok data of your tracked accounts on your Airtable tables automatically. With the automated data synchronisation, your BI reports are always up-to-date!

TikTok Airtable Synchronisation

Create custom Airtable logic based on TikTok accounts

Monitor account performance from Airtable

Automatic data refresh

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TikTok accounts

Track unlimited TikTok accounts

Monitor any TikTok account without limitations. You can track anything from influencers you work with, to your brands' competitors.

TikTok videos

Track TikTok videos

Track the details and growth history of any single TikTok video.

Social listening & sentiment

See what people say about your brand

Our sentiment analysis and social listening features will tell you want people say about your brand in TikTok and what is the real perception of it.

TikTok hashtags

TikTok Hashtag Analytics

Track the most important hashtags for you and get all-around view to what's happening for that hashtag.

TikTok Ad Spy

Spy on competitors' advertisements

Find out if the audience of any TikTok video has been enlargened with paid promotion.


Find what's trending in TikTok

You can easily find the most trending hashtags, accounts, and sounds per every single country.

Label folders

Organize TikTok content to folders

Group important TikTok accounts, videos, and hashtags together by labels, and then compare them against each other.

TikTok sounds

Track TikTok sounds

Track essential sounds for you and get a comprehensive view of what's happening for that sound.

TikTok search

Search from TikTok

Find anything from TikTok based on your interest: accounts, hashtags, songs and videos.

Marketing campaigns

Monitor your TikTok marketing campaigns

Our automated marketing campaign tool allows you to track the performance of your marketing campaigns in real time.

Brand comparison

Compare against competitors

Analyze what your competitors are doing in TikTok and how you benchmark against them.

CSV exports

Export CSV data reliably

Enjoy the most reliable and comprehensive data exports on the market. Export easily all the TikTok data you want as an CSV.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio Connector

Connect the data and history progress of any TikTok account to your Google Data Studio dashboards.