TikTok Social Listening

See what people say about your brand

Our sentiment analysis and social listening features will tell you want people say about your brand in TikTok and what is the real perception of it.

TikTok Social Sentiment

Powerful social listening

With our sentiment analysis and social listening features you will find out how people feel about your brand. You can easily see all the videos which mention your brand's TikTok account in their videos! Use this information for social media listening on TikTok. Find out what is the sentiment around your brand, and what people are really saying!

You can also see what people are saying about your competitors, which makes our TikTok social listening tool extremely powerful!

Video mentions

See all TikTok videos which mention the brand you are interested in

Total reach

Find out the total reach of of videos which mention the account you are looking for

Brand sentiment insights

Find the sentiment (positive / negative) of the social mentions easily

Works on all TikTok accounts

Our social listening tool works on all TikTok accounts. You can even see what people say about your competitors!

TikTok comment mentions

Dig into the comment section

Find out TikTok comments in which your brand is mentioned in.

TikTok hashtags

Listen on the hashtags

Extend your social listening from videos and comments on TikTok hashtags. You can see how much a single hashtag has been used in the past and which videos use that hashtag.

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