Exolyt for Brands

TikTok analytics tool for B2C Brands

Exolyt provides comprehensive TikTok analytics for performance monitoring, content ideation, and market research. Access valuable insights in one convenient dashboard, find your next big influencer or check on the competitors.

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The easiest way to get accurate, real-time TikTok insights

Monitor the account and get all necessary stats at a glance

Exolyt provides an easy way to see various performance metrics on macro and micro levels. Monitor the account's historical growth, explore single or bulk video stats, analyze hashtag/sound/effect performance or tap into audiences. With Exolyt, you access all necessary data-focused insights in a user-friendly and easy-to-understand dashboard.

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Discover who talk about your brand and what they say

Ever wondered what people are saying about your brand on TikTok? With our Social Listening, you can quickly and easily see all the accounts, videos, and comments which mention your brand in their videos. Dive deeper and find out what sentiments (positive/negative) the audience has about the brand. Need to improve the brand image? Then fine-tune your next efforts and follow the results.

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Keep an eye on competitors and benchmark the performance

Access competitive insights easily and compare your performance against the competitors and industry. Within one dashboard, you can view and analyze competitors' content, check if visibility for viral TikTok videos has been enlarged with paid promotion, and get ideas for your content! Adjust your strategy and stay ahead of others.

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Find trending topics before others do

Stop wasting time guessing the trends, and let Exolyt do the work for you. With Exolyt, you can truly tap into trendspotting, be it a trend in accounts, videos, sounds, hashtags, or effects. We turn the vast amount of social media data into valuable visualized insights that help you to spot critical trends, identify new market opportunities and decide on your next steps.

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Make content that stands out

Exolyt can't give you a magic recipe for viral, highly engaging content. But we can help you to find one. With our detailed analysis tools, you can uncover the best-performing videos and figure out what made them successful. Dive into hashtags, sounds, mentions, effects, and paid promotion, and see what works and what doesn't. Create videos that are sure to get people talking!

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Identify relevant Influencers and boost your visibility

Exolyt's Influencer Finder provides easy access to a vast pool of influencers from all over the world. You can discover prominent and known influencers as well as upcoming and niche ones. With millions of influencers in our database, use advanced filters and find the right creator partner within a few minutes.

Advance your Influencer Marketing

Monitor for your organic Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Create an influencer marketing campaign, specify the influencers you work with, configure the campaign hashtag and you are all set! Exolyt is the easiest solution to monitor and analyze influencer marketing campaigns. Let the content creators focus on content while you get the needed data for strategic decisions.

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Forget manual reporting tasks, get CSV or automate the whole workflow

Select accounts update frequency, access all the essential metrics and download them as CSV. Large volumes? Need continuous updates? Integrate the data to Google Sheets, Airtable, or get it through API. Turn the raw TikTok data into reports that showcase the results in a few seconds.

Synchronize data with Google Sheets

Want to spotlight your brand on TikTok?

Increase brand visibility and improve audience engagement by utilizing Exolyt insights. Focus on the creative and strategic side of TikTok marketing while we take care of tedious and time-consuming raw data tasks.

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