Exolyt for Non-profits & NGOs

TikTok analytics tool for good cause

Exolyt is a comprehensive TikTok analytics tool for performance monitoring, content ideation, and market research. We help NGOs and non-profits apply a data-driven marketing approach and access valuable insights in one easy-to-use dashboard.

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Grow your TikTok presence and raise awareness of important issues

Follow your account growth and easily view the essential metrics

Exolyt provides an uncomplicated way to see various performance metrics on macro and micro levels. Monitor the account's growth, explore single or bulk video stats, and analyze hashtags/sounds/effects performance. Uncover videos with the highest engagement rates, examine what worked and apply the most successful elements.

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Uncover audience sentiments about your organization

Brand image is essential for non-profits, and the success of your marketing activities also depends on how people perceive your organization. With Exolyt Social Listening, you can quickly see all the accounts, videos, and comments which mention the brand in their videos. Dive deeper and find out what sentiments (positive/negative) the audience has about the brand. Need to improve the brand image? Then fine-tune your next efforts and follow the results.

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Discover how issues you care about are taken on TikTok

Want to understand if people care? Perform the hashtag analysis, bundle the topical hashtags together and see how the topic has been developing on TikTok. Engage with audience-generated content, use the most engaging, relevant hashtags with your campaign hashtags, and analyze how your marketing efforts pay off.

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Look at others and get ideas for your own content

Content ideation and creation are painful. Even more so if you don't have a large team. The beauty of TikTok is that you need just a phone to create a short, engaging video. With our detailed analysis tools, you can uncover the best-performing videos of any account, dive into hashtags, sounds and effects and see what works and what doesn't. Get ideas and create videos that people will notice!

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Make your cause visible and prove your impact

Need to justify your marketing spending? Prove to your donors and stakeholders the necessity of marketing by showcasing the visibility of your campaign. Get all relevant details - the most successful videos, the number of views and shares, the sentiments, and comments. Support your arguments with data and data visualizations.

Get automated reports to Google Data Studio

Find influencers who are passionate about your cause

Discover supporters among the vast pool of influencers from all over the world. With Exolyt's Influencer Finder, you can find a creator partner within a few minutes using advanced search filters. Reach the audience more effectively, and create a connection with them through people they trust already.

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Forget manual reporting tasks. Get CSV or automate the whole workflow

Select accounts update frequency, access all the essential metrics and download them as CSV. Large volumes? Need continuous updates? Integrate the data to Google Sheets, Airtable, or get it through API. Turn the raw TikTok data into reports that show the results in a few seconds.

Synchronize data with Google Sheets

Make your NGO and the good cause visible on TikTok

Increase your organization's visibility and raise audience awareness about the cause by utilizing Exolyt insights. Run your marketing efficiently while we take care of tedious and time-consuming raw data tasks.

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