Predict the future with TikTok hashtags

Exolyt provides you clear view into the future through the lens of TikTok hashtags.

TikTok hashtag analytics

Track the most important hashtags for you and get all-around view to what's happening for that hashtag. See the most trending content for the hashtag, follow the hashtag growth over time, and export the usage date for your reports.

Hashtag reach

See the total reach of TikTok hashtag. You can see how many views and videos there is for any hashtag.

Historical growth

See the historical growth and statistics of TikTok hashtags.

Video search

Search for TikTok videos based on their use of hashtags


Export the hashtag growth data as CSV

Stay up to date on new videos

You can easily see the latest TikTok videos which use the hashtags that are important for you.

Find related hashtags

You can easily see which hashtags people tend to use together. You can also find out hashtags that are similar to the hashtag you are viewing.

Hashtag Video Insights

Dig into the data and see which videos bring most of the views for your brand's hashtag.

Find where people use a hashtag

Our hashtag toolkit includes the possibility to see the regions where a single hashtag is the most popular.

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