TikTok Influencer Marketing

Amplify your Influencer Marketing

Discover, evaluate and launch relevant influencer partnerships to build an ecosystem of shared visibility and trust in TikTok.

Ramp up TikTok influencer marketing

Discover Influencers Globally

Access one of the largest databases on TikTok influencers with new creators being added daily for up-to-date insights on UGC.

Conduct a thorough review

Get an overview of multiple influencer accounts and analyze their social impact or engagement, compare and choose as per your niche.

Monitor collaboration seamlessly

Track the performance of all influencer campaigns and access the results conveniently in one dashboard.

Grow your influencer network to expand audience reach

Use Exolyt's advanced filters to browse through a vast pool of influencers across several locations, industries, or niches. Explore prominent, upcoming, and niche influencers and get started with nano, macro, or mega influencer marketing collabs.

Powerful influencer search

Largest database of influencers

Continuous updates

Partner with the result-driven TikTokers to validate social proof

Monitor and compare influencers' engagement rates, likes, views, shares, and even keywords in their bio or industry! Keep a tab on their performance over-time, to find the right influencers relevant to the brand or niche for suitable partnerships.

360 Account overview

Historical growth

Detailed video search

Get campaign reports immediately for more efficient monitoring

Access the influencer partnership stats to get insights into how your collaboration campaigns perform. Let the creators focus on content while you get the needed data for strategic decisions and client meetings. 

Comprehensive Tracking 

Comments Monitoring

Automated Insights 

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