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Influencer Marketing

Accelerate your TikTok marketing by choosing the right creator partnerships. Browse through millions of influencers or use advanced filters and discover TikTok influencers by their location, industry, or keyword in their biography.

Grow influencer network and amplify influencer marketing campaigns

Powerful Influencer Search

With the Exolyt influencer search tool, you can easily select influencers based on multiple filters, such as location, engagement rate, or multi-platform presence.

Transparent Organic Campaigns

Monitor and analyze how the influencer campaigns are performing. Access the partners' stats without spending time on back-and-forth communications.

Reports and Comparisons

Get a thorough overview of influencers' accounts and understand the expected impact. Compare multiple influencers and choose those who can deliver the best results.

Grow your brand with influencers worldwide

Browse through a vast pool of influencers and find those who suit your needs. Search for influencers by engagement rate, likes, shares, and even by keyword in their biography or industry! With Exolyt advanced filters, you can find prominent and known influencers and upcoming and niche ones.

Partner with the result-driven TikTokers

Monitor influencers' accounts and get all the needed stats for a performance review: total views, engagement rate, likes, shares, comments, sounds, and many more. Analyze how influencers have been performing over time. See whether there are red flags or positive signals for your potential partnerships.

Review Influencers image

Discover how the audience talks about the influencers, how it feels about them, and what the sentiments are. Do the research and avoid the negative hype (unless that's what you're after!).

Organize influencers in folders

Once you've found influencers that fit your criteria, save them in folders! Create folders based on customers, campaigns, topics, particular metrics...you name it!

Track organic campaigns

Access the partners' stats to get insights into how your influencer campaigns perform. No need to spend time on back-and-forth communications. Let the content creators focus on content while you get the needed data for strategic decisions.

Get access to Influencer Database

Finding influencers has never been easier. The Exolyt influencer search tool makes it easy to find the best-match influencers for your business by narrowing down all of the options into one simple list. You can easily select influencers based on multiple filters, such as location, engagement rate, follower numbers, or multi-platform presence.

Choose the right creator partnerships and amplify influencer marketing campaigns!

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