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Introduction to Exolyt

Have questions about pricing, plans, or Exolyt in general? Book a 30-minute introductory lesson on Exolyt. Our Customer Success Manager will walk you through the diverse toolkit that Exolyt offers and answer all of your questions.

We'll introduce you to

TikTok Monitoring

Influencer Campaigns

Social Listening

Actionable Insights

TikTok Discovery

Data & Integrations

...and more!

See what our customers have to say

Exolyt is a game changer - this tool allows our team to uncover valuable insights to help our clients elevate their TikTok strategy. Now, we can easily identify what is trending on TikTok and which TikTok influencers are on the rise.

Rose Koo

Head of Research


We needed a flexible tool to dive into the data of numerous client TikTok accounts and their competitors! Exolyt has been the best we've found for helping the team take learnings and insights from a social platform that can seem, at times, very random.

Simon Lucey

Founder & MD

Hype Collective