TikTok Market Research

Uncover untapped opportunities

Cultivate data-driven success strategies with a better understanding of the hidden nuances in market trends and audiences insights from TikTok.

Explore social insights from the TikTok ecosystem

Capitalize on emerging trends

Identify topics, content, and hashtags gaining traction and align your brand narrative to stay relevant and boost audience engagement.

Capture audience analytics

Discover new target groups and niches with an overview of insights into their preferences, engagement patterns, and sentiments.

Validate your market position

Compare your performance against industry standards based on market trends and perceptions to identify areas for improvement.

Analyze industry landscape and keep a tab on competitors 

Exolyt empowers you to analyze competitors with insight into their content, engagement levels, and audiences. Research industry niches and benchmark performance to identify gaps in the market, refine strategies and capture audience attention.


Industry Benckmarks


Competitor Monitoring


Brand Comparison

Discover insights on audience perspectives to strengthen positioning

Tap into audience conversations to explore their sentiments about a niche topic of your interest, or dive further into understanding who talks about it, where, and how. Get suggestions on related topics and expand your understanding of the matter.


Audience Insights


Sentiment Analysis


Emerging Topics

Anticipate changes and stay at the forefront of emerging trends 

Access volumes of historical data and be empowered to make data-driven decisions to stay ahead of the curve. Identify emerging trends, popular topics, or hashtags to capitalize on and drive narratives with compelling content that drives engagement.


Trending Hashtags 


Country-specific Insights


Viral content

Discover the treasure of TikTok social intelligence insights

Start exploring with Exolyt by indulging in social monitoring and listening of brands, audiences, industries, and competitors