TikTok Brands Comparison

Brands Comparison

Access competitive insights to compare your performance against the different brands and industries and identify opportunities to differentiate and scale

Stats Overview

Monitor your performance against competitors with a quick overview of the most relevant stats. No limitations. 


Compare your performance, content, or product ideas against industry trends based on intelligent social insights.

Share of voice

Explore your share of voice on TikTok against competitors to analyze your brand presence among similar audience groups.

Get the competitive edge

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. Discover areas where you can outperform or identify untapped opportunities to refine your positioning and stand out in the market powered by social insights.

TikTok Stats

Find out what your competitors are doing and how their content performs. Compare your TikTok accounts easily side by side.

Industry Accounts

Discover the collection of the largest accounts in your industry from TikTok, and compare brands within specific industries

Organic or Earned Visibility

Compare the performance of a brand's organic, earned, and promoted content to analyze and optimize content strategies.

Performance Overview

Get an overview of the best-performing competitor videos and compare your growth in terms of likes, followers and videos

Spy Anonymously

Keep check on your most prominent competitors, their content, collaborations and performance stats without limitations.

Understand TikTok like never before

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