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Ideal for starting influencers and small brands who want to see how their profile is growing.
Best solution for social media agencies and brands that need an all-in-one solution for TikTok performance monitoring and insights.
For global enterprises that need a deep integration into our data and customisation options.
49 €/ month, billed annually
79 € billed monthly
199 €/ month, billed annually
349 € billed monthly
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599 €/ month, billed annually
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No credit card required
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One tracked account
Track TikTok accounts and keep their data up-to-date
Unlimited tracked accounts
Track TikTok accounts and keep their data up-to-date
Unlimited tracked accounts
Track TikTok accounts and keep their data up-to-date
Everything in subscription 'Influencer'
Everything in subscription 'Agency'
TikTok account reports
Our comprehensive account reports bring all the KPIs to one place Learn more
Find TikTok trends
See the latest TikTok trends and stay ahead of curve Learn more
TikTok hashtag tracking
Search, track, and analyze TikTok hashtags Learn more
TikTok sound tracking
Search, track, and analyze TikTok sounds Learn more
TikTok Social Listening
See what people are saying about your brand in TikTok. Find exact posts in which you were mentioned and see the sentiment around your brand. Learn more
Organize content to folders
Group important TikTok accounts, videos, and hashtags together in folders, and then compare them against each other. Learn more
New followers per post
Find out estimations about how many followers each post brings to you
organic campaigns
Automate your creator organic campaign tracking, and easily see the campaign performance. Learn more
TikTok competitor comparison
Compare any TikTok accounts with each other, and keep track what your competitors are doing in the social media Learn more
Data exports
Export TikTok data to CSV files Learn more
Google Sheets integration
Synchronise the daily progress your TikTok account data with Google Sheets Learn more
Airtable integration
Synchronise the total growth of TikTok account data with your Airtable tables Learn more
Google Data Studio Connector
Connect your TikTok account reports to your Google Data Studio dashboards
TikTok influencer finder database
Search for influencers in your niche
API integrations
Integrate our analytics to your own internal tools
Audience demographics
Find out demographics of your audience
Customize the features and the look of the platform based on your company needs and visual guidelines.
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Please note that we provide historical data only from the moment that the profile was added to our site.

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Stories from around the world

"We were looking for a tool that was flexible and allowed us to dive into the data of numerous client TikTok accounts - and their competitors! Exolyt has been the best we've found for helping the team take learnings and insights from a social platform that can seem at times, completely random."
Hype Collective
Simon Lucey
Founder & MD
"Exolyt is a game changer - this tool allows our team to uncover so many valuable insights to help our clients elevate their TikTok strategy. With this tool, we are easily able to identify what is trending on TikTok and which TikTok influencers are on the rise."
Rose Koo
Head of Research
"With limited options when it comes to TikTok analytics, Exolyt takes the best of all of the public data available and visualises it in a way that’s easy for any marketer to digest. We're super impressed with Exolyt so far and can’t wait to see how it adapts along with TikTok in the future."
Social Chain
Lauren Adams
Senior Social Media Manager
"Exolyt has been EXTREMELY helpful for showing all of the creator collaborations we have worked on over the past year. We've hunted for software like this for some time, and no other platform has done what Exolyt has been able to do. We can easily track and view all creator content and find, track, and contact new influencers to push forward with new audiences. If you are working heavily on Tiktok (and you should be already), Exolyt is the way to go. I just wish we had known about it sooner."
Corey Kleinsasser
Marketing and Social Media Director

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