TikTok Analytics and Social Intelligence

For Agencies

Build your agency portfolio using TikTok data to boost consumer and market research, improve strategy, and back it up with simplified reporting.

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Get accurate TikTok data - faster

Access the most extensive source of TikTok data for maximum coverage to get faster and quality insights.

Level up your strategy service

Utilize sentiment analysis, industry-niche trends, competitive stats, and social listening insights for improved strategy.

Create insightful reports

Get the benefits of holistic monitoring features and historical data for advanced reporting that goes beyond simplistic performance insights.

Capture new business

Build your agency portfolio with Exolyt and use TikTok as a consumer research channel for your clients, if not for direct marketing.

TikTok analytics streamlined for the whole team

Exolyt provides the most extensive source for TikTok data with intelligent trend identification and social listening capabilities that can power your agency's social media service portfolio. Invite your whole team to Exolyt for the same fixed price.

Social Listening


Industry Insights


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UGC Social Listening

Conduct audience research

Discover audience perspectives, listen to their preferences and pain points, and tap into trends to effectively grow, impact, and influence.

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TikTok Trends

Explore what's trending

Keep a pulse on the fast-moving TikTok ecosystem, which consistently catalyzes trends and evolves with its dynamic community.

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Industry Insights

Discover industry trends

Analyze the social landscape and compare your performance against industry standards, which can open up a treasure of valuable business insights. 

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CSV & Google Sheet Export

Export any TikTok data

Get up-to-date information at your fingertips without any tedious manual tasks. Conveniently export necessary data as per your requirement.

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Boost your service portfolio

With Exolyt, you can focus on the creative and strategic side of TikTok marketing that drives performance, while we take care of tedious and time-consuming data analytics, KPIs and reporting tasks.