Exports and Integration

Get up-to-date information at your fingertips without any tedious manual tasks. Conveniently export necessary data as per your requirement.

Up-to-date Trends

Define the frequency of updates and get the latest data as and when you need it to boost your relevancy with timely trends.

Export or Integrate

Get CSV exports or Google Sheets integration, as per your needs, to capture the most relevant stats conveniently.


Access different levels of data, whether it is an account, video, or hashtag, according to multiple attributes as per your need.

Reliable and Comprehensive

Export comprehensive TikTok reports from the most reliable source and harness social data to your advantage for powerful audience insights.

CSV Data

Export easily all the TikTok data you want as a CSV. Don't see an export that you need? Message us, and we will craft it for you.

Google Sheets

Open up a new world of possibilities by connecting to Google Data Studio, which updates automatically 24/7.

Essential Metrics

Acquire in-detail metrics on account, video, or hashtag level - to capture granular engagement matrix or up-to-date trends.

Influencer Campaigns

Build your Influencer Campaigns to keep a check on the performance stats or export the metrics into one dashboard.


Add accounts, videos, or hashtags into folders to measure daily progress or export this data per your tracking needs.

Understand TikTok like never before

Exolyt helps you by delivering insights on UGC videos. Schedule a demo to discover the platform's capabilities, or get started with a free trial for an immersive firsthand experience.