Music and sounds are TikTok's universal language; it drives its creative and cultural impact. Keep a pulse of the TikTok community and understand the sounds that resonate the most. 

Sound Monitoring

Get a comprehensive overview of brand-relevant music, explore the most trending sounds, and follow its growth over time

Real-time Metrics

Discover real-time sound trends with current hotness scores and glimpses into up-trending and down-trending tracks

Video Search

Couple your video search with sounds they used or trending hashtags, plus additional attributes like performance scores.

Engage in new-age music discovery

Monitor the most popular sounds and spot emerging opportunities for your brand to join the wave. Create your unique spin on a popular sound or leverage a trending one to amplify your message.

Impact and Influence

Utilizing TikTok sounds helps to connect with its community and has a far-reaching halo effect of cultural relevancy and brand love.

Pop-culture Connection

Sound helps to permeate industry, charts, and culture. Start discovering them faster and engage in unique co-creation trends.

Power Video Search

Filter your video research by coupling it with sound trends, relevant hashtags, and other attributes that suit your needs.

Historical Growth

Observe the growth of sounds over time, or select a specific timeframe to understand their current relevance.

Real-time Trends

Capture real-time sound metrics that showcase up-trending and down-trending tracks and the most significant or niche sounds.

Understand TikTok like never before

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