TikTok Competitor Analysis

Ensure competitive advantage with TikTok social insights

Analyze competition to refine business or marketing strategies and gain a competitive edge.

Uncover Competitive Insights and Excel Beyond

Spy on other market players

Understand what your competitors are doing, tap into their social strategies and performance, and unlock new insights to outperform.

Benchmark industry standards

Identify opportunities to differentiate or get inspiration to brainstorm and tailor content, products, and services that give you an edge.

Explore audience interactions

Find out how your competitors are received and perceived by the audience, who is talking about them, and what they say.

Compare your share of voice against competitors to refine positioning

Struggling to evaluate your position in the market? Use Exolyt to determine it with competitor analysis. Get insight into earned content and engagement to understand the market position and be better enabled to increase visibility and influence.

Performance scores

Share of voice

Brand Comparison

Tap into social strategies to understand what makes content stand out

Understand what your most successful competitors post, how often, and at what time. Analyze their most engaging videos and check if they use paid promotions. Get inspired to incorporate popular strategies to elevate your brand's presence.

Promoted Posts

Detailed Video Stats

Popular hashtags

Engage in social listening by tracking conversations by and about competitors 

Go beyond generic competitor performance metrics to discover how competitors are received by the audience, who is talking about them, and what they say. Study their social tactics, influencer collaborations and revise your steps if needed.

Sentiment Analysis

User Generated Content

Influencer Campaigns

Stay ahead of competitors

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