UGC in TikTok

Social Listening

Perform in-depth research on any topic to get a comprehensive understanding of the content and audience surrounding it. Find consumer preferences and pain points, and tap into the latest trends in your niche.

Move beyond performance metrics

NLP-based analysis

Utilize the latest tech to listen to audiences and analyze their sentiments across any or all brand videos.

Related Hashtags

Couple your social listening research with related topics and bundle hashtags into themes for granular insights.

Audience Insights

Explore audience demographics captured from volumes of TikToks that help you access and learn about your targets.

Sentiment Analysis

See positive & negative highlights

Discover what and how people feel about a topic or your brand from TikTok videos for advanced qualitative research.

Share of Voice

Compare against competitors

Get an overview of a brand's UGC share of voice against its competitors, and find out what makes a brand stand out.

User Generated Content

Browse all videos created by people

Social listening helps you keep an eye on the UGC or earned content received by the brand and helps to access its impact and influence.

Creator Analysis

Find out who posts about your brand

Find out who talks about your brand and their demographic insights to explore ambassadors, relevant creators, and influencers.

Comment Monitoring

See what is said in the comments

Track comments on essential topics and brands to discover conversational themes, consumer opinions and fuel feedback loops.


Understand TikTok like never before

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