Exolyt for Content Creators

For content creators who need to standout in TikTok

Harness the power of data to enhance your creativity and get noticed in the social chaos of repetitive content.

Real-time data & AI

Utilize the latest tech and get real-time insights within one convenient platform.

Reporting dashboard

Easily create visually appealing and data-driven reports for your managers.

Trends and Industry Insights

Get perspective on trending topics, niche and global, and stay informed and relevant.

Know your performance inside out

Capitalize on in-depth account monitoring and ensure you're always in the know about your brand's performance. Stay in charge of your online presence and never miss a chance to maximize it.

Discover what resonates

Tap into the pulse of audiences, the most-discussed topics, and sentiments around them. Find inspirations from brands and subjects that align with your audience's interests. Boost your content with data-driven strategies.

Get a creative boost

Leverage data and AI to amplify your creativity and break through the clutter of repetitive social content. Monitor videos, conversations, competitors, and trends to get inspiration and create content that captivates audiences.

Use data and insights to stand out amidst the digital chatter.