Content Matrix

Uncover a blend of novelty and engagement with industry-relevant hashtags that are trending or close to saturation to get inspired for crafting content on topics that not only captivate but also resonate.


Explore what is popular within your industry and determine unique trends with co-relation to its current engagement rates.

Hashtag Monitoring

Analyze how your brand hashtags are located on the content matrix, to understand its novelty and engagement

AI-powered Insights

Utilize the latest tech to your advantage to discover novel and engaging topics and let Exolyt analyze its 'hotness' level for you.

Build relevancy with resonating content

Dive into the network of hashtags that capture attention with fresh ideas and foster meaningful interactions using the Content Matrix. Check how your hashtags position - are they among highly engaged and novel topics or within the saturated ones?

Novel & Engaging

Discover topics spread between these categories on the content matrix to understand how your hashtags are positioned.

Industry Relevance

Find topics most relevant to your industry or niche to uncover emerging trends categorized according to their current hotness score.

Hashtag Performance

Assess your brand hashtags and their positions on the content matrix and find topics that can help you stand out within your industry.

Detailed Overview

Get a comprehensive overview of any hashtags in a click, and further explore their engagement metrics, videos, and overlapping content.

Industry Insights

Check industry-specific topics, including up-trending and down-trending content for each before you deep-dive into its related content matrix.

Understand TikTok like never before

Exolyt helps you by delivering insights on UGC videos. Schedule a demo to discover the platform's capabilities, or get started with a free trial for an immersive firsthand experience.