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Exolyt helps you to monitor your brand, stay connected to your influencers, and find out what competitors are doing in TikTok. Our data-driven account reports and insightful analytics help you to save time and deliver results faster in the fastest growing social media.

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For brands

Find out what everyone is doing in TikTok - including your competitors. Get better understanding of the platform to create a strategy for high engagement content.

For social media agencies

Group your TikTok influencers in one place, track their performance, and export their data as CSV files. Easily create comprehensive reports to all your stakeholders about TikTok performance.

For influencers

Find the latest trends in TikTok and stay ahead the curve. Use our insighftul reports to showcase your profile with collaborating brands.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I browse past videos of TikTok accounts?
You can easily browse and search all the past videos of any TikTok account by going to the profile page of that account in our service.
Can I monitor any TikTok account? Even my competitors?
Yes! You can monitor any TikTok account, whether it is your own or your competitors. The best part is that you don't need to connect to the monitored accounts.
Do people know which accounts I am monitoring?
Nope! No one will see which accounts you are monitoring. So you can keep a close eye to your competitors without them even realising it.
Can I see which TikTok posts are Promoted?
Yes! With Exolyt, you can find out which videos in TikTok are Promoted to have enlargened reach via paid promotion.
Can I export the data of TikTok accounts and their videos?
Yes! You can export the account and video level data of any TikTok account to CSV files.
Can I compare TikTok videos made by different accounts?
Yes! You can easily group videos together in folders, and then compare those folders side-by-side with historical progress.
Can I see which accounts have mentioned my brand account?
Yes! You can find out which other accounts mention you in TikTok in their posts. You can also browse to past video posts that mention your monitored TikTok account.
Can I try Exolyt for free before paying?
Yes! You can try Exolyt completely risk-free. Just register and start your free trial!
Can I track all hashtags regardless of their language? Can I track for example Arabian or Japanese hashtags?
Yes, you can track all hashtags in all languages! We support all the possible languages in hashtags - and we support even Emojis in hashtags!
Can I track all TikTok accounts regardless of their country or language?
Yes, we provide analytics for all TikTok accounts from all countries!

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