Premium takes you to the next level🚀

Exolyt Premium is the most powerful TikTok Analytics Tool. We created it for the TikTok influencers, marketers and TikTok agencies.

Advanced analytics

You can view detailed breakdown of your most successful videos, how they perform against your other videos and what kind of profiles interact with them.

Campaign analysis

You can easily see how your marketing campaign performs and what kind of results the campaign produces. This helps you to make most out of your marketing campaigns.

Made for professionals

Exolyt Premium is made for all TikTok professionals: influencers, marketers and agencies. We work closely with our Premium users to create features that they request.



Influencer Pro



4.90 $ / mo

14.90 $ / mo

From 99.90 $ / mo

No adsNo adsNo adsNo ads
3 favourites10 favourites50 favourites+50 favourites
2 week history1 month history6 month history+6 month history
Basic statisticsAdvanced AnalyticsAdvanced AnalyticsAdvanced Analytics
-Email reportsEmail reportsEmail reports
-Profile comparisonsProfile comparisonsProfile comparisons
-Data exportData exportData export
-Video like historyVideo view & like historyVideo view & like history
--Pro Trend finderPro Trend finder
---Profile finder
---Scheduled video uploads
---Marketing Campaign Analysis

Launching soon

We will be launching our Premium in the near future. Contact us if you are interested to test it out before others.

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