Influencer Campaigns

Take charge of your TikTok influencer campaign management - Discover relevant partnerships or monitor performance in real-time to build shared visibility and trust.

Auto Tracking

Add your campaign influencers, videos, and budget, to capture the latest campaign performance metrics automatically.

Beyond Metrics

Capture in-depth campaign results, including audience reach, demographics, comments, and sentiments it garnered.

Easy Comparison

Monitor all influencers engaged with a single campaign in one place and let Exolyt compare the performance results.

Build relevant collaborations

Analyze influencer collaborations for insights into campaign performance. Let the creators focus on content while you automatically collect the needed stats for strategic decisions and client meetings.

Powerful Influencer Finder

Find influencers to partner with on our extensive database of TikTok accounts and filter them with relevant attributes as per your needs.

Campaign Overview

Capture all necessary campaign and influencer stats in real-time, in a single dashboard

Audience Insights

Discover influencer campaign audience demographics, languages, and locations to validate your reach and targeting strategies

Comments Monitoring

Deep-dive into customer responses and feedback through detailed comment monitoring or club them into themes for quick overview

Convenient exports

Export campaign reports, and comments as CSV, or save them into folders and per your need.

Understand TikTok like never before

Exolyt helps you by delivering insights on UGC videos. Schedule a demo to discover the platform's capabilities, or get started with a free trial for an immersive firsthand experience.