TikTok Performance Monitoring

Stay in charge of your online presence

Get a comprehensive TikTok performance overview and never miss a chance to maximize visibility and engagement.

Unlock the power of real-time analytics

Track Account Performance

Analyze account or campaign performance to optimize marketing efforts based on the impact of organic, promoted, or earned content.

Monitor Brand Reputation

Effectively supervise the brand’s image by tapping into audience sentiments across videos, reactions, and comments.

Simplify Holistic Reporting

Boost data-driven strategy building with comprehensive reports on brand, industry, competitors, or earned media impact.

Reduce guess work and make data-backed performance decisions

Harness the power of data and make informed decisions about strategy optimization or content effectiveness. Drive meaningful outcomes for your business or brand with insights gathered through in-depth monitoring.

Performance Index

360 Account overview

Tracking Notifications

Bulletproof crisis management with pro-active monitoring strategy 

Stay on top of audience conversations by tracking UGC mentions, unsolicited comments, and reviews promoting or de-influencing a product or service so you can act on it immediately. Respond to potential PR crises and minimize their impact on brand reputation..

Comments Monitoring

Sentiment Analysis


Quit manual data scouring and focus on analysis and improvement

Save time by filtering through noise and endless content and capture the most relevant data to fuel your decision-making. Get straight to the insights that matter and build comprehensive reports in a few clicks.

Real-time metrics

AI-driven insights

Data Synchronization

Want to keep tabs on your growth pulse on TikTok?

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