TikTok Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Tap into audience sentiments to understand how people feel about your brand, their pain points, or preferences on a relevant topic of interest or brand.

NLP-based analysis

Utilize the latest tech to analyze user sentiments across any TikTok video or all brand videos at once.

UGC Comparison

Get a comprehensive overview of sentiments across all earned (UGC) videos, and even compare it to other brands.

Advanced Search

Level up your TikTok video search with sentiment and hashtag filters for a quick overview of the most relevant videos.

Harness deeper consumer insights

Understand your audience with a broader perspective on their sentiments, encompassing perceptions of your brand, product, industry trends, and competitors. Use the knowledge to drive engagement effectively.

NLP analysis

Utilize the benefits of Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to analyze the sentiments behind TikTok videos

UGC Sentiments

Monitor how people talk about your brand or products by analyzing the sentiments across all earned videos

Consumer Insights

Group your audience using relevant filters and explore the sentiments of those specific videos for granular insights

Sentiment Filter

Filter brand video search based on sentiments - positive, negative, neutral for a quick overview of audience perspectives

Audio Sentiments (Coming Soon)

Widen the understanding of your audience by analyzing the audio sentiment of any TikTok video.

Understand TikTok like never before

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