TikTok Analytics & Social Intelligence

For Marketers

Stay relevant with Exolyt by using it as a source of TikTok consumer research, content inspiration, and trend discovery that can power your strategy and influencer marketing.

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Know your audience better

Boost your marketing by learning about the audience's share of voice, their sentiments, demographic preferences, and sociocultural nuances.

Explore content opportunities

Using TikTok for consumer, market, and competitive research opens up market gaps and content opportunities offering inspiration for creation.

Manage your online presence

Monitor your brand share of voice, performance stats, industry standing, and competitive landscape all at once.

Access largest influencer database

Get an overview of multiple influencer accounts updated daily, and discover, evaluate, and monitor campaigns conveniently.

Deliver KPIs with granular analytics

Delve into TikTok analytics for smarter data-driven decision-making and never overlook an opportunity to optimize your brand presence, improve campaign strategies, or report with ease.



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Account Monitoring

Track any TikTok account

Get a 360 TikTok account overview! Look into the detailed social performance stats on macro and micro levels and get insights for better data-driven decisions.

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UGC Social Listening

Monitor audience opinions

Get a comprehensive overview of user-generated content to uncover how the audience perceives, engages with, and advocates for your brand.

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Brand Comparison

Analyze your brand competition

Access competitive insights to compare your performance against the different brands and industries and identify opportunities to differentiate and scale.

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Influencer Campaigns

Find and monitor influencers

Find relevant influencers from our updated database, evaluate their stats seamlessly, and monitor the campaign performance in real time.

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Amplify your brand performance