TikTok Video Monitoring

Video Performance

With Exolyt, you can view the details and growth history of any TikTok video. Check the metrics, analyze performance, export data, and find granular details.

Performance Stats

Get a comprehensive overview of all relevant video metrics of any TikTok to analyze its performance quickly.

Content Score

Analyze an individual video's performance against other videos and get insights into its influence on account growth.

Video Demographics

Estimate any TikTok video's demographics and see the distribution of audience countries and their languages.

Review and analyze any TikTok video

The devil is in the details - uncover granular performance details of any TikTok video, find out what makes them stand out, and make data-driven decisions.

Convenient Exports

Export statistics of any TikTok videos as CSV reports, sync into Google Sheets or Airtable or connect with us to tailor reports as needed.

Historical Growth

Monitor the historical growth of any single TikTok video to get insights into its growth and performance history.

Video Comments

Learn about audience preferences and engagement patterns by monitoring comments to respond fast and proactively.

Powerful Video Research

Filter any video based on the attributes you choose, plus, find out how many followers each video brings to the account.

Promoted Content

Notice a video going viral? Find out if it's promoted or not and analyze its performance metrics compared to organic averages.

Understand TikTok like never before

Exolyt helps you by delivering insights on UGC videos. Schedule a demo to discover the platform's capabilities, or get started with a free trial for an immersive firsthand experience.