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Popular TikTok songs right now

Our listing shows you what music is trending in your own country right now! Make sure to use trending songs in your videos, to make your videos more popular and get more views! When you use the most popular sounds, it will increase the engagement rate of your videos, and therefore make it more probable that your video will be a hit!

How to find TikTok trending songs?

Finding the trending TikTok songs is easy with our tool! Just check out the top songs in our list of famous and popular songs. It couldn’t be any easier!

How do you find these trending TikTok songs?

We use our own algorithms to analyze millions of TikTok videos and extract information about trending songs.

How of then the list of top TikTok songs is updated?

We update the list of popular songs every day. Please note that many times the trending songs might be same for few days, as trends are not always moving very fast. Make sure to come back every week to see the most trending TikTok songs!

Top TikTok songs this week

These songs are popular today and this week in TikTok!

Last update: 2024-07-18