Track and monitor any TikTok account

Monitor any TikTok account without limitations. You can monitor for example your own brand account, influencers you work with, and all your brands' competitors.

Unlimited TikTok Account Reports

Monitor any TikTok account without limitations. You can track anything from influencers you work with, to your brands' competitors. See what they have posted in the past, and who they have mentioned in their posts. And come back later as we keep tracking the changes overtime. Use our data-driven reports as part of communication with your stakeholders.

Current statistics

Current TikTok account analytics and statistics: total views, engagement rate, etc.

Historical Growth

Growth of TikTok account followers, likes, views, and videos. Growth of TikTok video views and likes.

Powerful Video Research

Filter & sort account videos of a single TikTok account based on the attributes you choose.


Find out how many followers each TikTok video brings to the account

Best time to post

See our estimation about when would be the best time for posting new videos based on the past engagement rate.

Mentions of other accounts in videos

See which other accounts and brands an account has ever mentioned in their TikTok videos.

Export account data and videos

Export all the TikTok account data and videos as CSV files

All relevant TikTok data at your hands

See all the TikTok accounts you monitor within one simple table. Sort and filter accounts based on any criteria, and see their latest videos in one glance.

Dive into account videos

You can easily see the all the videos that any TikTok account has uploaded in the past! Sort, filter and browse through thousands of videos in an instant!

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