TikTok Accounts

Brand Monitoring & Social Listening

Monitor any TikTok account without limitations! Look into the performance stats on the macro and micro levels, tap into social listening and understand what the audience thinks of your brand or your competitors!

Access valuable insights in one convenient dashboard

Stats at a Glance

Easily follow any account and quickly identify important information. Review audience demographics, engagement, videos, and hashtag performance.


Get a better understanding of how your account performs against other competitors and industries. Look into the stats at the account and video level, and finetune your strategy.

Social Listening

Access all your @direct account mentions, and check who is talking about your brand and what hashtags they use. Dive further into the sentiment understanding.

Keep track of the brand performance

Monitor accounts and get all the needed stats: total views, engagement rate, likes, shares, comments, sounds, and many more. Look into historical data and follow account progress over time. Get an overview of all videos posted and filter based on needed metrics.

Know your audience better with Audience Insights

Deepen the understanding of the audience and focus your efforts on content that resonates. Check the languages the audience uses and where the commentators are from. Analyze whether the videos reach the target audience or maybe you've uncovered a new segment?

Tap into Sentiments & Social Listening

Learn how people talk about your brand and what sentiments (positive/negative) they have about it. Quickly see all the accounts, videos, and comments which mention your brand in their videos and identify your most influential brand advocates. Respond, share, and engage with the audience!

Check on competitors and benchmark the performance

Access competitive insights easily and compare your performance against the competitors and industry. Within one dashboard, you can view and analyze competitors' content, check what competitors are saying and who they mention, and discover how your competitors are received by the audience.

Keep your finger on the trend pulse

Jumping on new trends is one of the best ways to be popular on TikTok. With Exolyt, you can tap into trendspotting, be it a trend in accounts, videos, sounds, hashtags, or effects. Take inspiration, create trendy content and stay in the front-runner lines.

Get all data and customize reports based on your needs

Access all the essential metrics and download them as CSV. Large volumes? Need continuous updates? No worries, get the integrations to Google Sheets or Airtable. Once you have the data, customize reports to your needs.

Find out what audience talks about your brand and tune your strategy accordingly!

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