TikTok Accounts

Content Creation

Content is the king everywhere in marketing and even more so on TikTok. Use the platform to show off your creative side by making unique and engaging content! Dive into TikTok trends, follow competitors, and figure out what gets attention.

Create unique videos that stand out

Content Benchmarks

Follow other brands and see what they're doing to grow their audience. Analyze their most engaging videos and compare how your videos perform against competitors and the industry.

Hashtag and Sounds

Discover the best-performing hashtags and sounds and use them in your videos to grow view numbers. Dive into related hashtags, and check what is trending and what is yesterday's story.

Social Listening

Access all your @direct account mentions, and check who is talking about your brand and what hashtags they use. Create content that engages with your audience's expectations.

Get insights and improve the content

Discover the best-performing videos and find out what made them stand out. Hashtags, sounds, mentions, or paid promotion - the devil is in the details. Uncover those, create viral videos, and increase brand reach and awareness.

Keep your finger on the trend pulse

Jumping on new trends is one of the best ways to be popular on TikTok. With Exolyt, you can tap into trendspotting, be it a trend in accounts, videos, sounds, hashtags, or effects. Take inspiration, create trendy content and stay in the front-runner lines.

Know the best time to post

A catchy post can go viral in seconds, but when exactly should you post it? With Exolyt, you can check when is the best time for you to post to get more engagement and views. Moreover, you can see what is the best posting time for your competitors and make further decisions.

Keep an eye on Influencers & Competitors

Need inspiration? Sneak peek into competitors' content, and explore what hashtags and sounds they use. Not enough? Then discover the most popular influencer in the industry, and analyze what's buzzing.

Find the right influencer

Search for influencers by engagement rate, likes, shares, and even by keyword in their biography or industry! With Exolyt advanced filters, you can find prominent and known influencers and upcoming and niche ones. Grow your influencer network and make sure you choose the right creator partnerships.

Get all data and customize reports based on your needs

Access all the essential metrics about every video you post and download them as CSV. Large volumes? Need continuous updates? No worries, get the integrations to Google Sheets or Airtable. Once you have the data, you can customize reports to your needs.

Create videos that are sure to get people talking!

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