Smart Folders

Effortlessly manage and categorize your content easily to access performance metrics that matter most to your business. 

Structured Content

Keep your data organized and readily available in customized folders for quick access or CSV downloads.

Export or Integrate

Get CSV exports or Google Sheets integration, as per your needs, to download the brand metrics you are tracking.

Easy Collaboration

Work together with your team to ensure everyone is tracking and aligned on the progress of most relevant brand projects

Simplified social data organization

Utilize folders to optimize digital workflows and enhance productivity by maintaining a structured and well-organized TikTok content ecosystem.

Content Flexibility

Combine and build folders the way you need, with accounts, hashtags, or videos that you want to monitor.

Folder Comparison

Build folders on different topics and themes most relevant for you and get an overview of their growth stats with our quick comparison tool.

Growth Metrics

Acquire in-detail growth metrics on video or hashtag level - to capture granular engagement matrix or realtime updates.

Custom Notes

Add notes to your folders, visible only to your teams, to help them align with your project or monitoring strategy.

Convenient Exports

Export growth stat reports as CSV for fast sharing, convenient analysis, and easy reporting.

Understand TikTok like never before

Exolyt helps you by delivering insights on UGC videos. Schedule a demo to discover the platform's capabilities, or get started with a free trial for an immersive firsthand experience.