Google Sheets integration

Synchronise TikTok data with Google Sheets

Do you want to spend hours collecting data from TikTok, or would that time be better spent putting it to work? With Exolyt, you can synchronise TikTok data of your tracked TikTok accounts with Google Sheets. All updates are fully automatic so that you will have up-to-date data around the clock.

Google Sheets ♥️ TikTok

Ever wanted to see your TikTok data in a spreadsheet? Worry no more! With our brand new synchronisation service, it's easier than ever to see all your TikTok data in a spreadsheet. Synchronise TikTok data of your tracked accounts on Google Sheets automatically. With the automated data synchronisation, your BI reports are always up-to-date! In addition, the sheets are completely private and not accessible to anyone else - except you!

Google Data Studio

Having all your TikTok data in Google Sheets opens up a new world of connections. For example, you can connect your Google Sheets to Google Data Studio to create comprehensive dashboards for your clients.

Automatic data refresh

All TikTok data is updated 24/7 in your Google Sheets

Accounts and videos

You can synchronise the from any TikTok account and video with Google Sheets. For example, you can automatically have all your latest brand videos synchronised with Google Sheets.

Stop collecting data from TikTok manually

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