TikTok videos

Monitor the growth of your TikTok videos

With Exolyt, you can view details and growth history of any single TikTok video, and then export this data.

From TikTok video to CSV

View details and growth history of any single TikTok video. You can also see if the audience for the video has been enlargened with paid promotion, to get insight on competing brands!

Historical growth

See historical growth of TikTok videos

Works on all TikTok videos

Our TikTok video tracking works on all TikTok videos!

Synchronise to Google Sheets

You will always have up-to-date video statistics at your hands with our Google Sheets synchronisation!

Export as CSV

Export the statistics of any TikTok video as CSV files

See if any video is Promoted for enlargened audience

Video demographics

Get estimation on any TikTok video's audience! You can see the estimated distribution of audience countries and their languages!

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