TikTok Growth Trends 2024 🚀

This is a short report examining a spectrum of metrics from engagement to content patterns and everything in between to bring you insights into the growth of the TikTok landscape.

It spans over 10K+ verified TikTok accounts, four distinct account types, a million videos, and a trillion interactions on TikTok.

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The report explores how TikTok has shaped into a platform that entwines entertainment and commerce, exploding its popularity as a launchpad for brand and product discovery.

Curious about how the TikTok landscape will shape in the near future? Eager to stay ahead of the curve? Dive into our brief report for TikTok growth insights 🚀

In this report, you’ll discover:

🎯 Maturing Account Types on TikTok

📊 Growth of Median Account Sizes

🤩 Changes in Content Patterns

❤️ Account-specific Engagements

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