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Customer Overview

IntiMD, is a women’s hygiene and wellness brand and pioneer in steering the discussion on women’s personal health. They believe in innovation and extending the conversation beyond care to proper nourishment. IntiMD offers an extensive range of intimate hygiene, beauty, skincare, and wellness products!

Calfornia, USA
Consumer Brand

Key Highlights

●    Exolyt platform is used 'daily' by marketers at IntiMD

●    Significant amount of time saved on 'hunting and crunching' TikTok data

●    Simplified creator campaign tracking for any given timeframe

●    Improved influencer campaign management


IntiMD sought a viable and effective Tiktok creator monitoring tool to view performance analytics and make data-driven decisions on influencers to work with. 

In this creator economy, it is imperative for companies, especially consumer brands, to have a solid influencer marketing strategy in place, especially on TikTok, which is built on catalyzing trends and helps brands boost awareness with shared visibility and trust. That is exactly what IntiMD was aiming for as well.

Here is a comprehensive overview of the TikTok influencer marketing landscape in 2023 to showcase the need of the hour.


The main requirements at hand were to find:

  • An efficient tool that saves time in exploring and analyzing TikTok data
  • An automated solution to track paid-creator campaigns in real-time 


With Exolyt, IntiMD has resolved the challenges mentioned above, especially concerning saving time and analyzing TikTok analytics quickly and efficiently.

Use-case benefits of Exolyt as shared by IntiMD:

  • With Exolyt’s thorough tracking mechanisms, all creator campaign performances, both in real-time and hosted in the past, can now be tracked easily within any given time frame. 
  • Exolyt’s detailed video results and analytics can also be clubbed into specific folders ‘to house all paid collaborations and see what has/has not worked.’
  • Exolyt acts as a convenient solution for IntiMD to search for videos even from a long time ago, without having to go into the TikTok app.  
  • IntiMD also utilizes the platform for influencer management by tracking down creators they are in conversation with to analyze their current social statistics.

Exolyt has been extremely helpful in showing all of the TikTok creator collaborations we have worked on, discovering new ones, tracking campaign performances, trending hashtags, and so much more. Exolyt is a lifesaver for all marketing teams.

Corey Kleinsasser

Marketing and Social Media Director


Exolyt has helped IntiMD’s marketing team take charge of all their influencer campaigns efficiently and maximize the use of TikTok as a social selling channel.

The platform is used as frequently as 'daily,' not only for monitoring creator performance histories but also for tracking individual videos, saving them, and going back in time to see how they fared. Thus making it a simple, time-saving, and comprehensive all-in-one TikTok solution for the brand.

We've hunted for software like this for some time, and no other platform has done what Exolyt could.

Corey Kleinsasser

Marketing and Social Media Director

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