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Quick Demo: Dig deeper into TikTok trends beyond conventional analytics
Want to discover how to unwrap TikTok trends? Join us as we breakdown the steps for nuanced TikTok topic analysis at Social Intelligence Lab's Tech Demo Day
Madhuparna Chaudhuri
Growth Marketer @Exolyt

Want to discover how to unwrap those TikTok trends that have entwined entertainment and commerce, caused cultural shifts, changes in lifestyle and buying patterns, or posed narrative threats?

Join us as we break down the steps for nuanced TikTok topic analysis—real-time or long-tail—that goes beyond conventional metadata, because who wants more of that?

Discover this process and Exolyt's latest innovations as we showcase our Lightning Demo at the Social Intelligence Lab Tech Demo Day. In this demo, we delve into advanced social media analytics and demonstrate how our platform empowers businesses to harness the full potential of social data.

Why should you watch the demo?

To gain insights into:

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Explore how Exolyt leverages AI and advanced algorithms to unlock deep insights from TikTok social media data.
  • Practical Applications: Learn how our platform can revolutionize your social media strategy with real-world examples and use cases.
  • Industry Trends: Stay ahead of the curve with a glimpse into the future of social analytics and trends shaping the digital landscape.

During this session, Exolyt will showcase its holistic approach to TikTok video social listening, including -

  • Topical research that helps to understand hidden trends, crossovers and emerging topics
  • Content analysis to reveal insights that are often overlooked among the metrics frenzy
  • Upcoming platform capabilities that further democratize deeper TikTok social listening insights for all

Watch the full demo playback here:

If you are hoping to boost your video analysis and TikTok research capabilities, this is the tech you need in your stack. Watch the video to learn more.

Here are a few highlights from the demo:

Click on the links for direct viewing access:

  • Exolyt Introduction - 1:25
  • Unraveling a trend #deinfluencing - 2:23
  • Discover related hashtags, trends, and demographics - 5:00
  • UGC Social Listening - 6:27
  • Summary of what we do - 12:03

Want to dig deeper into video content analysis?

As mentioned briefly in the lightnening demo, we're on the brink of something exciting and want you on board!

Have you wondered why some social media posts outshine others? While trying to answer this question, we often focus only on metadata like hashtags, engagement rates, and audience size but overlook the most crucial element: the content itself.

At Exolyt, we're revolutionizing this approach with a powerful AI solution designed to meticulously analyze TikTok content at scale. Additionally, it can enable Exolyt's users to identify and classify sentiments within the video by tracking facial and vocal emotions expressed. 

Using advanced computer vision algorithms, our video analysis tool can accurately identify objects, extract texts and demographic information, and conduct colour and audio analysis within every second of a TikTok video. Additionally, it can enable Exolyt's users to identify and classify sentiments within the video by tracking facial and vocal emotions expressed. 

This comprehensive approach adds a whole new dimension to social media analytics, blending content specifics with performance metrics.

Who can join this pilot project?

👉 Companies who would like to understand the visual content of TikTok videos, not just raw metrics, and have use cases for such analysis.

What is included in the project?

 👉 Industry-leading AI content analysis model that can analyze each second of TikTok video.

👉 Free custom analysis of TikTok videos by Exolyt (participation is entirely free, as the analysis is still in the Beta phase).

How to participate in the project?

 👉 If you are a customer, the participation process is relatively straightforward. You can directly connect with us and share your requirements or plan one with our data scientist while continuing to use the platform as usual.

👉 If you are NOT a customer, you can still participate with limited usage of the freemium platform plan but with full access to Video AI analysis project benefits.

Disclaimer: You do not need to log in to Exolyt to utilize this project's benefits, as the feature has not yet been deployed on the platform.

Find more information on the Video Analysis Pilots in this article below.

Apply for the Video AI Analysis Pilot Project today - Go to Application

We will customize the project according to your video analysis requirements and host it in close collaboration with your company's contact person.

Your participation could shape the future of content analysis on TikTok. If you're interested in learning about this technology and contributing to developing cutting-edge AI tools, we'd love to have you join us.

Register on Exolyt for free to utilize the existing platform benefits, before this feature is launched in full swing.

Madhuparna Chaudhuri
Growth Marketer @Exolyt
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