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For artists, musicians, music agencies, social media agencies and brands who want more insight and statistics of their sounds performance. Exolyt is all-in-one platform that helps you to excel in marketing you do on TikTok.

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Track TikTok sounds

Track TikTok sounds

Track essential sounds for you and get a comprehensive view of what's happening for that sound. See the most trending content for the sound, follow the sound’s growth over time, and export the usage date for your reports.

Find the trending sounds based on region

Find the trending sounds based on region

You can easily find the most trending sounds. The best part is that you can do this for every single country! No more thinking about what is hot and what is not: we have the answer for you.

Track TikTok sounds growth and statistics

Track TikTok sounds growth and statistics

Monitor how a sound is doing overtime and relates videos related to the sound

Check & track TikTok account statistics
Check & track TikTok account statistics

Check & track TikTok account statistics

Find out easily statistics of any TikTok account, see what they have posted in the past, and who they have mentioned in their posts. And come back later as we keep tracking the changes overtime. Use our data-driven reports as part of communication with your stakeholders.

  • Current TikTok account statistics: total views, engagement rate, etc.
  • Growth of TikTok account followers, likes, views, videos, and more
  • Growth of TikTok video views and likes
  • Filter & sort account videos based on attributes
  • Find out how many followers each video brings
  • Mentions of other accounts in videos
  • The best time to post
  • Most used account hashtags
  • Compare against your competitors
    Compare against your competitors

    Compare against your competitors

    See what your competitors are doing in TikTok and how you benchmark against them. See what kind of strategies your competitors use to win followers and keep high engagement.

    Group sound to analyze them together

    In Exolyt you are able to group sounds together so that you can analyze them easily later on.

    Looking for something else?

    All of the features above are developed in a response to our clients’ needs. Contact us and share what is the biggest pain point for you in terms of TikTok analytics and data. We are happy to solve your issue.

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