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Exolyt Emerges as Top Contender in Social Media Management
Exolyt has been recognized as a top contender among social media management tools by Tekpon in Q1 2024. Read the blog to know more.
Madhuparna Chaudhuri
Growth Marketer @Exolyt

In today's digital age, the power of social media in shaping brand narratives and driving engagement is undeniable. As businesses strive to navigate the complexities of the online landscape, the need for comprehensive social media management and analytics tools has never been greater. 

From understanding the audience and engaging with followers to tracking performance, businesses rely on robust platforms to navigate the complexities of various social media channels. 

Recognizing this demand, Exolyt has carved a niche offering cutting-edge analytics solutions focused on the need to navigate the dynamic world of TikTok. 

Tekpon, a prominent online marketplace specializing in SaaS and software solutions, has recognized this. It listed Exolyt as one of the top social media management tools for businesses, namely TikTok social media management and analytics, further solidifying its position as an industry leader.

With platforms like TikTok rapidly gaining traction among diverse demographics, understanding and harnessing the potential of this platform is essential for brands looking to stay relevant and engage with their audience effectively. 

With Exolyt, businesses gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline social media analytics and unlock the full potential of platforms like TikTok.

Here’s a full list of features Exolyt offers to analyze TikTok holistically:

  1. Account Overview - To get 360 performance overview of any TikTok account
  2. Hashtag Research - To uncover relevant discussions and trends in real-time
  3. Social Listening - To capture the voice of the customer and reveal audience insights like growth and demographics encompassing perceptions of your brand, industry, or competitors.
  4. Sentiment Analysis - To understand your audience better
  5. Brand Comparision - To spy on competitors and compare performance 
  6. Video Performance - For comprehensive TikTok video monitoring
  7. Industry Insights - To scan the social landscape and identify opportunities to differentiate and scale
  8. Trends - To discover dynamic trends, niche or generic, by industry or location as they happen 
  9. Influencer Campaign - To conveniently find, evaluate, and monitor influencers and track live campaigns
  10. Content Matrix - To analyze trends for effective content strategies
  11.  AI Content Assistant - To get quick ideas for relevant TikTok video-making
  12. Export data - To get up-to-date stats without tedious manual scouring for data
  13.  Smart Folders - To organize, share findings, and break silos within teams
  14. Video Search - Coming soon

By leveraging an extensive database, advanced algorithms powered by NLP, LLM, machine learning capabilities, and AI-enabled image recognition, Exolyt empowers brands to navigate the intricacies of TikTok easily. 

A word from Exolyt CEO and Co-founder:

As the TikTok market grew exponentially, we recognized the absence of tools that provide companies with holistic audience insights from the platform. So, Exolyt focused on providing higher-value KPIs with data-driven performance monitoring, intelligent social listening, and intuitive insights that can disrupt modern social media strategy and consumer marketing.  

Henri Malkki

CEO & Co-founder, Exolyt

From analyzing performance metrics to identifying trending content, tracking competitor activity on TikTok, and monitoring influencer campaigns, Exolyt provides a versatile toolkit that caters to marketers, product innovators, researchers, and social scientists' diverse needs.

Few words from our clients. 

The recognition from Tekpon reaffirms Exolyt's dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. 

At its core, Exolyt is a TikTok analytics and social intelligence tool that powers multiple use cases:

  • Performance Monitoring - Get a complete performance overview on any TikTok account or competitor, and never miss a chance to maximize visibility or engagement.
  • Social Listening - Understand your audience's share of voice, demographics, and sentiments, encompassing perceptions of your brand, industry, and competitors.
  • Market Research - Uncover underlying narratives, sociocultural nuances, and industry shifts by shaping your analysis with a richer context fueled by TikTok insights.
  • Competitor Analysis - Leverage Exolyt's pre-populated TikTok insights into competitor performance and share of voice to get the competitive edge.
  • Influencer Marketing - Discover, evaluate, launch, and monitor relevant TikTok influencer partnerships to build an ecosystem of shared visibility and trust.
  • Content Ideation - Explore what's capturing audience attention and identify new content opportunities by monitoring the TikTok ecosystem.

With a focus on delivering actionable insights and tangible results, Exolyt enables brands to make informed decisions and optimize their social media or business strategies for maximum impact.

As TikTok continues to reshape the social media landscape, brands must adapt their strategies to capitalize on this emerging platform. With Exolyt as its trusted ally, businesses can unlock the full potential of TikTok, harnessing its immense reach and engagement to connect with audiences in meaningful ways. 

Madhuparna Chaudhuri
Growth Marketer @Exolyt
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