How to use TikTok as a brand

How to use TikTok as a brand

PublishedOct 25 2021
Written byParmis
How to use TikTok as a brand - The ultimate TikTok business guide
It is no secret that TikTok is becoming one of the best tools for exposure and marketing. TikTok offers a rapidly growing market and engages millions of users, which provides the perfect environment to grow a business. So, if you are starting a business or are looking to enhance what you already have, stay tuned!
Why use TikTok to promote business?
The default way of promotion, in a business context, is probably done through advertisement on professional platforms. This is still true, but if you want to reach a broader range of audience, then social media is the way to go. Tiktok offers the best atmosphere where you can slide in promotions and still be casual and relatable. How do you ask? Without further a due, let's get on with tips to grow your business on TikTok:
Tips for growing a business on TikTok
1) Use proper hashtags
Hashtags help your post reach a broader audience which increases your business' recognition chances. In other words, hashtags make reaching your target audience easier. Below are some of the most common hashtags used on TikTok.
The next step is figuring out what special hashtags you need to utilize, which depends on your business. The hashtags need to present what you're selling or the services you offer. See the examples below:
Candle business
Mental Health Organisations
2) Hop on trends
If there is one thing "TikTokers" love, it's the trends; don't be intimidated by the fun trends and utilize them to promote your account. Here are some trends that are still used for promotion:
Questions I get asked a lot
This trend is one of the best ways to provide clarification about your business. It has a fun dance element and gets the point across to the viewers; pop in some questions and answers.
Check out examples of this trend
Look at where you came from
Other than the catchy song, this trend is the best way to show your business how it has progressed to the current stage. It is also more likely to cause empathy and emotions in the viewer. Get out there and showcase your effort and ambitions!
Check out the full song of this trend
Put a finger down
This trend is best for user interaction. Create a list of yes/no questions and ask the viewers to react to it blindly.
Check out the example of the trend
3) Make shorter videos
TikTok offers the possibility of making videos up to 3 minutes long. However, according to analytics, it's best to keep the videos shorter as the possibility of users losing interest is higher with longer videos. Try to keep most of the videos up to 15 seconds long to ensure the most views.
4) Work with influencers
Let's be honest; we want to believe anything our idols say. So, it's no surprise that users are most likely to engage in what their favorite influences are promoting. Find relevant influencers and sponsor them. Make sure that the characteristics of the influencer aren't far off from your business' standards and services. You wouldn't want to sponsor a controversial influencer that knows nothing of the service you provide; so, do your research!
5) Go live on TikTok
One of the best ways of showcasing a product is by utilizing TikTok lives. Tiktok has recently added a shopping feature that allows you to shop directly from TikTok without going to the seller's website. Some smaller businesses have started to take advantage of this option and showcase their products to potential users scrolling on TikTok. You could also direct the people watching the live stream to your company's website and boost the analytics.
6) Don't overthink your content
The last tip is not to overthink the content you're putting out; make sure that it aligns with TikTok guidelines and doesn't break any laws, of course, without making it unrelatable to users. Humans are known to interact with whatever they can relate to. Keeping that in mind, make sure that your content is professionally presented in a casual and relatable way.
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Parmis from Exolyt
This article is written by Parmis, who works at Exolyt as a Content Creator. She has a passion for writing and creating new things, while keeping herself up-to-date with the latest TikTok trends!
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