What is #XYZBCA?

Published24 Feb 2020
Written byJosh
Hashtags #xyzbca, #xyzcba and #xyzabc have been popular in the past months on TikTok. There is no clear origin that where these hashtags started from. People are using these hashtags in a hope to get the TikTok algorithm to promote their videos on the For You page. But can it work?
There are rumours that TikTok would boost the videos with these hashtags. Videos with hashtag #xyzcba have been watched over 1.3B times and videos with hashtag #xyzabc over 773 million times, so they are super popular on TikTok
Does #xyzbca work?
People use #xyzbca and #xyzabc on their videos in their videos hoping that they would end up on everyone's For You page. Rumours claim that using these hashtags will make your videos super popular. It is not so much about these certain hashtags, but the way TikTok algorithm works.
Using the hashtags might work because TikTok algorithm promotes videos that use popular and trending hashtags. And since #xyzbca and #xyzabc are popular hashtags, using them will make your video look popular for the algorithm. This creates a snowball effect for these hashtags, not that the hashtags itself would magical.
This is similar to the way people use hashtags like #fyp and #foryoupage in hopes to get their video gain popularity.
Urban Dictionary
Urban Dictionary says the following about #xyzcba:
A fancy new hashtag on TikTok that has absolutely no definition. In fact, it has only been defined so those who search it end up losing The Game. "have you ever wondered what #xyzcba means? Once you find out it will already be to late."
Explanation for #xyzbca is even more clear:
"Popular hashtag used on tik tok no one really knows the meaning... Because there is no meaning"
Conclusion for #XYZBCA
Whether the rumours about these hashtags are true or not, there is no harm trying. So use #XYZBCA on your videos and see if the hashtags can boost the videos. Have fun making TikTok videos!
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Josh from Exolyt
Josh from Exolyt
This article is written by Josh, who works at Exolyt as a Senior Social Media Consultant. Josh helps influencers, marketers and content creators to improve their engagement and take the most out of their accounts.