11 reasons why influencer marketing is the next big thing

11 reasons why influencer marketing is the next big thing

PublishedNov 30 2021
Written byParmis
It's hard not to think of TikTok when talking about social media these days. TikTok is dominating the social market, which is accompanied by opportunities for brand enhancement. What is one of the best ways to promote your brand/business? By utilizing influencer marketing campaigns! If you thought of ads, you aren't wrong - stay tuned to find out why influencer marketing is better than the typical advertisement. Here is why your brand should utilize influencer marketing today, and an extra tip at the end:
Introduction to influencer marketing
Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that uses influences to advertise a service or product. The basis of this type of marketing is the trust the influencer builds among their audience and fandom, which is finally a selling point for the brand.
However, nowadays, it's more challenging to grab the audience's attention due to campaigns all over TikTok. Brands are resorting to more innovative ideas for influencer marketing campaigns, which is one one the reasons why they gain more attraction.
Not sure how to start with influencer marketing?
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Reasons for utilizing influencer marketing on TikTok
Now that we covered the basics, let's get onto the reasons why your brand should use influencer marketing campaigns:
1. TikTok is taking over the social media market
As we discussed before, TikTok is everywhere! People use this growing platform for personal use, small businesses, marketing, and many other things. So, why shouldn't you? It's basically "the thing" nowadays, and the chances of you gaining more attraction and views there is more likely than on other platforms.
2. It's easier to gain publicity on TikTok
The general mindset about gaining fame is that it takes time and lots of effort. This may be true for most platforms, but TikTok's story is a tad bit different. See - TikTok's algorithm is designed to reach out to more people. It's intended for your videos to end up on as many users' FYP (for you page) as possible. This is the same reason why people go viral a lot easier on TikTok.
3. Influencer marketing is extensive these days
Influencer marketing is extensive, or in other words, influencers or everywhere! It is no surprise that despite the debate about whether or not influencers are on the celebrity rank, they are getting there. We're seeing influencers getting invited to events like the Met Gala, and that means a great deal! Influencers are gaining more publicity as we go, mainly on TikTok. Brands are starting to work with 5-10 influencers at first, expanding to 50 a week, and then finally with hundreds upon hundreds as they gain more recognition.
4. Influencers bring you a new audience
As a brand, you have your consumers and target audience, which is a no-brainer. They say the limit is the sky, so why would you limit yourself to the same audience when you could be targeting more users on TikTok? After all, that is why your brand has a TikTok account - to grow your audience. Working with influencers introduces your brand to a new group of people who are hanging on to every single word of their idle on TikTok. Once you take in this opportunity, act on it!
5. Statistics show that more than 70% of people trust influencers' opinions
Building trust is not easy by any means, but the beauty of today's world is that marketing campaigns can help in that department. Why not take advantage of the opportunity and partner with relevant influencers?
6. Marketing campaigns sound better than ads
When people hear the word ad (advertisement), they're mindset of the content they are about to see changes. Usually, Influencers will sugarcoat what they're saying because the brand is sponsoring them in exchange for advocacy. This is precisely why the word campaign represents the content in a more positive light.
7. More than 40% of consumers block ads
Let's be honest - ads can be annoying at times. Imagine trying to scroll on TikTok and constantly getting ads. Statistics have shown that people will most likely block the ads if they have the possibility. Content represented in a campaign form is neutral and doesn't seem as separated from reality compared to an ad.
8. Campaigns boost engagement
Nowadays, it's almost impossible to find brands that don't have a social media handle on some platform. Since TikTok is "the place" these days, it makes sense to jump on it and boost your engagement and gain more audience. Depending on your services/products, your audience will vary. Luckily, according to statistics, both Gen-Z and millennials both seek influencers' opinions when shopping. So, you're good!
9. Campaigns foster creativity
As we mentioned before, campaigns need to be designed creatively to attract more users as more brands become aware of their benefits. In the process of creating these campaigns, you might find that your media team is becoming more creative with videos or posts on TikTok, which is terrific for your business. Campaigns allow you to discover new perspectives of looking at the same subject; you will find that you have become more creative and out there as a brand.
10. Campaigns help with brand advocacy
As a brand, you need loyal customers that can trust you. Users gravitate towards brands that are known and, most importantly, value their audience. How do you make your brand known to the TikTok audience? The answer is through influencer marketing. It would be best if you had influencers that would advocate for your business. Why do you ask? Let's move on to the next point for expansion on this question.
11. Social selling
Let's dive into the last point with an example scenario: Sara, 21-years-old, is looking into buying a new curling iron. She has visited a few stores but is still hesitant, so she turns to social media for reviews to make a final decision. This is precisely what social selling means - consumers turn to influencers they trust to decide on a product. This is where you come in with a campaign and a deal they can't say no to!
An extra tip for those who made it this far:
What's one of the most important factors of running a brand/business? The answer is budgeting. Did you know that statistics show utilizing influencer marketing campaigns saves you money in the long run? It makes sense since you won't have to spend as many resources on content creating for advertisement.
With all that being said, those were all the reasons why you should utilize marketing campaigns on TikTok. Don't forget that when in doubt, Exolyt is here to help!
At Exolyt, we're here to give you a competitive edge. Our innovative platform provides you with powerful analytics that help you understand which videos are getting the most views, how you compare to other content creators and get recommendations on how to improve engagement.
We work with social media agencies, global brands, and single influencers to provide insights on their TikTok content. Contact us to book a demo, or start your free trial today!
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Parmis from Exolyt
This article is written by Parmis, who works at Exolyt as a Content Creator. She has a passion for writing and creating new things, while keeping herself up-to-date with the latest TikTok trends!
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