Creator's guide to TikTok influencer campaigns

Creator's guide to TikTok influencer campaigns

PublishedNov 17 2021
Written byParmis
TikTok is one of the best fast-growing platforms for many purposes: fun and entertainment, promoting startup businesses, enhancing sales, and marketing campaigns. If you have ever thought of reaching a broader audience, you might have also thought about marketing campaigns and how they can benefit you. If so, stay tuned for Exolyt's complete guide to marketing campaigns on TikTok!
Social Media Marketing Campaigns
The purpose of campaigns is to inform a broader range of audiences about a product or service. The dynamic and representation of campaigns speak to the audience more effectively, which is how they gain clout for the business or brand.
Why Use TikTok Marketing Campaigns
Marketing campaigns allow the audience a chance to know you better as a brand, interact with you, build a bond, and enhance analytics. The main three reasons to utilize them are:
1. Interaction with customers - why not create a dialogue with your loyal consumers? This sounds a lot more fun than the usual monologue.
2. Builds engagement - When you open the doors for interaction, you will most likely intrigue others to engage in your campaign and, finally, your content.
Consider utilizing tools such as transcribing
videos to text
, using an
MP4 converter
for the most compatible video format, or
generating subtitles
for accessibility. Advancements in technology mean it's easier than ever to include these s in your TikTok campaign to make it more engaging and inclusive.
3. A chance to build trust - Communication builds trust; marketing campaigns are one of the best communicating methods that help build trust between you and your audience.
Are you thinking of creating a campaign or joining one? We are here to help!
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What makes our feature better is that we create marketing campaign tracking in collaboration with brands and agencies, ensuring a high success rate.
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Popular TikTok Marketing Campaigns
Nowadays, campaigns on TikTok promote anything from cleaning the sea from plastic to cosmetics and beauty products. Campaigns are one of the best tools that grab the attention of the audience more effectively. Stay tuned for three of the most popular campaigns on TikTok:
1) Chipotle
Campaigns: #GuacaDance & #Boorito Challenge
Campaign Concept: Promote Chipotle as a brand
Chipotle is one of America's most famous fast-food chains that specializes in tex-mex. In 2019, Chipotle introduced the #GuacaDance challenge in honor of International guacamole day (September 16th). According to this challenge, users had to dance to the guacamole song and use the relevant hashtag.
Also, in 2020, Chipotle introduced a new challenge to its loyal customers. This challenge featured David Dobrik, who has always been a huge fan of the brand. The users' task was to come up with the best burrito combination with the chance of winning 10,000 USD. This recipe would also be featured on Chipotle's official menu.
Chipotle is a great example of how the right campaign can boost your brands' analytics, as these campaigns caused Chipotle to gain about 2 billion followers and more than 1.2 million views. They also managed to boost their guacamole sales!
Image by Chipotle Newsroom - David Dobrik
2) Benefit Cosmetics
Campaign: Brow Hero Program
Campaign Concept: Promote Benefit's brow products
Benefit is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to cosmetics, especially brow products. Benefit promotes their best-selling brow products by running "Brow Hero Campaigns," which consists of the "Brow Heroes" promoting their favorite Benefit Cosmetics brow products. This campaign resulted in Benefit gaining about 4000 hours of views from the short videos.
3) Pretty Little Thing (PLT)
Campaign: #plt
Campaign Concept: Promote Pretty Little Thing as a brand
"Pretty Little Thing" is one of the most popular online beauty stores with the latest trends. They started the PLT haul hashtag, which gave their audience a chance of getting featured on the brands' TikTok platform. All this resulted in the brand gaining more than 800M views for the #plt.
Tips for Starting Marketing Campaigns on TikTok
1. Make use of hashtags - here is where you need to be smart; you need to use trending hashtags your competitors are using and create a unique hashtag for your campaign.
Make sure to check out Exolyt's guide to how you can compare your competitors on TikTok
2. Create a challenge for your audience - the challenge must be in relation to your brand and memorably promote its campaign, just like the examples above.
3. Create a fun, innovative idea - forget about the cliche ideas and create something that hasn't been done before. New ideas have the potential of grabbing more attention rather than overdone concepts.
At Exolyt, we're here to give you a competitive edge. Our innovative platform provides you with powerful analytics that helps you understand which videos are getting the most views, how you compare to other content creators and get recommendations on how to improve engagement.
We work with social media agencies, global brands, and single influencers to provide insights on their TikTok content. Contact us to book a demo, or start your free trial today!
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Parmis from Exolyt
This article is written by Parmis, who works at Exolyt as a Content Creator. She has a passion for writing and creating new things, while keeping herself up-to-date with the latest TikTok trends!
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