How to make money on TikTok?

Published1 Mar 2020
Written byJosh
How you can make money on TikTok?
There are two main ways to earn and make money on your TikTok profile.
The usual way is influencer marketing, which means that you promote brands or products in your videos. This means basically having sponsored ad videos that would generate sales for the brand or the product.
The second way to create money on TikTok is to advertise or sell your own products or services in your videos.
Whether you are doing influencer marketing or promoting your own brand, you will need solid traction on your profile. This means that you will need many followers, likes, comments and views before your profile attracts enough engagement for the advertisements to be worth for the brand. Usually you will need at least 100 000 followers and hundreds of comments per each video.
How much money I can make on TikTok?
Amount of money differs very much for each profile. You can generate anywhere from 50 000 USD to 150 000 USD per one brand partnership. This of course depends very much from your location, profile niche, target audience, profile engagement, etc.
How much time it will take to be a TikTok Influencer?
It usually takes around four to eight months to get solid traction and follower amount. This depends mostly from your content, as some profiles 100 000 followers on already on their first month. Those profiles have created high quality content with very good engagement rates.
If you live in a country with lots of TikTok users, like United States, India, Russia or Turkey, you can become Influencer much faster as your possible audience is much larger. This of course can mean that competition is also bigger.
How I can become TikTok Influencer?
There is no magic trick to become TikTok Influencer. But don't worry! There are lots of things that can get you ahead of the competition.
Here is our check list for becoming TikTok Influencer:
Engage with your audience. Reply and like comments, listen your audience for video ideas.
Keep it fresh. Follow the latest trends, but try to add your own twist always. This makes your profile interesting.
Be unique and authentic! Everyone loves to see unique people and content. So dare to be different!
In addition to our check list, you can use different tools to track your progress on the journey on becoming TikTok Influencer. Try our TikTok Analytics tool free to check your profile and see what content resonates most with your audience!
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Josh from Exolyt
Josh from Exolyt
This article is written by Josh, who works at Exolyt as a Senior Social Media Consultant. Josh helps influencers, marketers and content creators to improve their engagement and take the most out of their accounts.