Why media agencies should use Exolyt for TikTok analytics

Why media agencies should use Exolyt for TikTok analytics

PublishedDec 19 2021
Written byParmis
Nowadays, TikTok has become one of the most popular platforms for various reasons; entertainment, promoting startup businesses, enhancing sales, running campaigns, and much more. You have a TikTok account that you are looking to grow for whatever reason - you will need to monitor your account and its performance to enhance what you are building. Sounds good, right? Stay tuned for a full tour of what you can achieve using Exolyt's unique features.
Exolyt gives you a complete overview of your account.
It is essential to understand how your account is doing from a general perspective. Exolyt gives you a complete overview of all the factors below:
Follower count
Number of videos
Total views
Total likes
Total comments
Total video shares
Verified / not verified
Influence ratio (follower based influence)
Follower count
< 10000
Nano Influencer
< 100000
Micro Influencer
< 1000000
Macro Influencer
> 1000000
Mega Influencer
Average views
Average likes
Average comments
Average video shares
Exo Score out of 10 (Score based on our analysis of the profile)
Engagement (Score based on all the videos in the profile)
Follower like ratio (Bigger ratio indicates that likes also bring followers)
Region (The region that the user's most videos are posted to)
We make sure to provide you with up-to-date data.
You can easily track your own and other users with your Exolyt account, and we will continuously update the data so that you have access to the latest statistics.
You can check detailed video statistics.
Exolyt offers you detailed video statistics alongside graphs and tables to better understand the collected data. As you see in the image below, the video statistics section displays charts for the "Distribution of video likes" and "Amount of videos"; this gives you a visual representation of your videos' performance.
Our analytics platform displays the videos that are doing the best on your account. As you see below, you can view the most liked, commented, and shared videos as they play a significant role in account publicity alongside their relevant data.
You can check who has mentioned your account with detailed statistics.
Want to keep track of where your account is being mentioned? Exolyt has the best tracking feature for you! You can keep up with all the information as frequently as the last 30 days and as broad as the previous 365 days. You can also sort the latest and most mentioned data alongside the number of videos, views, likes, and mention time.
Check how well your content is doing.
Exolyt's analytics platform creates lists of your top content, meaning the top liked and most commented alongside the featured hashtags. In the image below, you see Exolyt's analysis of Won Jeong's content; his most liked content has the hashtags below featured, and the same analysis goes for the most commented content.
You can utilize this feature to understand what type of content your audience is most interested in, which helps boost analytics in the long run. If your audience is interested in a certain type of content, they will probably get more recommendations that feature the same hashtag, as that is how TikTok works. This aids you and your business, which is why Exolyt has implemented this feature that gives you insight on the hashtags, rather than just showing which video is doing the best and gaining the most attraction.
Exolyt gives you more insight into all your videos.
During your career, you have probably noticed that some of your content has gained you a significant number of followers; Exolyt has implemented a feature that observes this exact data. You can analyze the number of followers you have gained from every video. This helps you figure out what content gains more publicity for your business. See the image below for a further demonstration:
The next feature that helps with video analysis is Exolyt's video table that gives you a complete rundown on anything you need to know about your content. You can also filter the results by description and date. This feature displays the video title, date it was posted on, views, likes, comments, and engagement.
Lastly, Exolyt creates a video list that keeps you updated on the latest posted content and related statistics.
You can easily compare your account to your competitor's.
Analyzing your competitor's progress is as important as researching your own - which is why you need to use Exolyt's comparison feature that gives you the ultimate insight into how you are doing compared to others. You can compare all the different factors as well as an indicator of how the performance compares. As you see in the image below, Charli D'amelio currently has more followers than Khaby Lame. Still, Khaby gained more followers in a week than Charli did (the better performance is highlighted with green and a golden star).
Make sure to check out Exolyt's guide to how you can compare your competitors on TikTok.
Exolyt's website is offered in 27 languages!
We make sure that our extraordinary services are accessible to as many as possible, which is why our website is offered in 27 languages, and there is more on the way!
At Exolyt, we're here to give you a competitive edge. Our innovative platform provides you with powerful analytics that helps you understand which videos are getting the most views, how you compare to other content creators and get recommendations on how to improve engagement.
We work with social media agencies, global brands, and single influencers to provide insights on their TikTok content. Contact us to book a demo, or start your free trial today!
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Parmis from Exolyt
This article is written by Parmis, who works at Exolyt as a Content Creator. She has a passion for writing and creating new things, while keeping herself up-to-date with the latest TikTok trends!
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